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 Cwkpq - Recruiting and Find who you need!

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PostSubject: Cwkpq - Recruiting and Find who you need!   Fri Apr 20, 2012 3:47 pm

(Guide in the process of making)

Anywho, If anyone in interested in doing the crimesonwood keep part quest you need 1 of each class. I'll be listing my characters the will be able to do it.

Komabear *178- Evan (Mage)
Kamabear *109 - Preist (Mage)
Komacat *105- Demon Slayer (Warrior)
Komaaaaaaaa *xxx - Dark Knight (Warrior)
BomaBear *xxx - Mercedes (Bowman)
MrsKoma *xxx - Pirate (Pirate)
BoopahBear *xxx - Bandit (Theif)

*xxx - In the process of getting them to 90+
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Cwkpq - Recruiting and Find who you need!
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